Make COVET LISTEN! Free our HA’s

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Our aim is to get COVET to change the HA’s to be available to add to the hairstyle of our own choosing! If we are willing to buy props, why would they lose money if the HA’s worked on the same concept??!!
It isn’t rocket science that lower level players will be able and more willing to buy HA’s (thus increasing their HA sales) because currently majority HA’s only become available at higher levels!!! Do the math dammit!! Also sometimes we prefer a certain color or style of a HA but its limited to a style we feel does not suit our look!!!
Time to give back to us for all the money, time and dedication we put into their game!

The recent glitch proved that adding accessories to any hair style of our choosing is not as difficult as it is advertised to be.  Yes we understand some accessories are designed to match certain styles, but majority can be applied to all styles.

The argument of level VS exclusivity is can be applied that HA’s be made available unrestricted to levels 5 and up.  Restrict HA’s then to motivate levels 1-4 to reach the coveted level 5 as with the use of props.

But if we have them we should be allowed to use it as we please.  Accessories are basically closet items too?  Even more so than props!  

So they should be available to use as we see fit.  That is only fair.

Customer satisfaction is just as important as bleeding us dry for every possible penny.  At least this way we wont mind as much to be exploited�