Covered Preventative Mammograms for Women starting at age 30 by All Insurance Companies

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I am 36 with stage 4 breast cancer. I was diagnosed with stage 3 when I was only 33. I went to my Dr. With concerns and was told I was too young and it was nothing to worry about. Now I sit here with stage 4 with no cure.

I did everything I was supposed to do as far as exams and was told I was too young. I hear doctors today say how the age needs to be lowered. So I am asking to get the age of preventative and diagnostic Mammograms to be covered by insurance at the age of 30. I hope this can save more lives.

Today 40 is such a late age to find out about cancer, almost deadly. I hope I can create this legacy. I need people to sign this petition for your mom, sister, aunt, grandmother, wife, girlfriend etc. I really feel like my life, and a lot of others would have been saved had I had a mammogram earlier.

With all the things we use and eat daily becoming more toxic, cancer is at an all time high. Let's really try hard to get change for women. We deserve to live life past 40. Please join me in creating change so that more mothers can be here to raise their children. Sign the petition! U do not have to donate! It does not go to me.