Traffic Calming Measures Almond Tree Ave / Hillmorton Rd junction

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Trish Jarvis
Trish Jarvis signed this petition

I have lived on this junction for 18 years, in that time I have been the victim of 5 collisions into my driveway, causing damage to my legally parked car, and damage to walls etc.  The fencing around the playing field is damaged frequently when vehicles lose control turning in or out of the junction.  My neighbours have also suffered losses on a number of occasions due to vehicle damage or property damage.

New houses are due to be built, I urge the council to consider serious traffic calming measures to reduce the speed of traffic in this area as part of this planning consultation.

Residents are being penalised through loss of no claims bonuses, increased insurance premiums, loss of earnings whilst dealing with incidents, mental health impact from the stress, financial losses such as excesses to name but a few.  

On Almond Tree Avenue there have been two fatalities of motorcyclists in less than 6 months.  Emergency services regularly attend incidents on this junction, collisions happen at day and night, this must be improved before a motorist or a pedestrian are killed.