Calming measures on terry road Stoke and st George's road Stoke Coventry.

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So today 6th April a car came speeding around the corner on terry road (by blue coat school) and smashed straight into my mum and dad's house....when they crashed they damaged the gas pipe which led to the gas leaking in which could have potentially caused an explosion, when they tried to REVERSE the car out of the garden! If it wasn't for a few local men who shouted for them too stop! Thankfully they scraped the house which we don't think there is any lasting damage to. We see so many cars day to day speeding around this street like it's a race course there NEEDS to be some measures put in place to slow motorists down.To add to that there is also a secondary school (Blue Coat) right on the corner. Thankfully there have not been any serious incidents but why wait until that happens when it is CLEAR something needs to HAPPEN NOW!  So please support by signing this petition as in the long run could save a persons life. I would like to get as many as possible.Thankyou and god bless.