Investigate the accusations against Dr Olumuyiwa Adedayo, registrar of Covenant University.

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I am writing this letter to bring to your attention accusations of sexual predation and harassment by Dr. Olumuyiwa Oludayo on behalf of the alumni.

There are several instances of injustices meted out to students in Covenant University that go unnoticed and unpunished because current students fear discipline and stigma. As alumni, we feel it’s our place to stand for the good name of the institution and keep it above reproach.

We feel it is our duty to bring to the attention of the school authority accusations that we think can drag the name of Covenant University, our institution, our idea, our home in the mud.

We know it an individual is innocent until proven guilty and we do not assume guilt on the path of Mr Olumuyiwa. He is a graduate of this esteemed institution and a foremost eagle. The little girls and little boys who clutch their dreams in their hands and put on their shirts and ties and go to class everyday however deserve every form of protection the school can offer.

This is why we are calling on the school management to look into this accusation and show that it stands for the boys and girls with dreams, the new generation of leaders it is training.

Our names are appended to this letter to show our commitment. Specific accusations are also attached to this letter.

We stand with Dr Olumuyiwa Adedayo in this trying times as we really hope that he comes out blameless in all this. 


Kind Regards,