Solve The LASD Facilities Issue Now

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Send a message to the current and future LASD trustees that our entire community is looking for real leadership. The time has come to solve the facilities issue that has plagued this district for 16 years. No more vilification or divisiveness--a real solution that allows all students to achieve success and the parents in the community to co-exist. EVERY student in our community deserves fair and equitable facilities... ones that anyone would be proud to occupy. 

The assets of the district belong to ALL of us as taxpayers. Use logic with a keen eye on finances to find a solution. Our community is sick of the fighting and not interested in seeing either LASD or BCS spending our money on continued litigation.

Please do not donate to the "Promote Petition" option that is going to ask you to do. The money goes to advertise the petition and doesn’t go to this cause. I have not set up fundraising for this petition. If you've donated and want your money reimbursed, please email their help center.