Set some standards in telugu tv serials against setting women and children as villans

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Now a days in many telugu tv serials showing women as main villans and poisioning many people brains with their cruel and criminal moments in serials. These serials are becoming most dangerous and examples for many crimes in which women are involved. Also showing childern with more more posinous behavior which effects auidens(kids). There should be set some standards against violance in serials. These serials becoming inspiration to do some crimes. In recent crime cases some women admited that they got inspired by serials. These serials are more threat to human life. These serials also encouraging audience to have extra marital affairs or fall for married person and trap them for their benifts. If this continues human relationships get damaged. 

So i reqest you to please set some standarda to this tv serials to stop exposing female and children as very posinous and dangerous villans.