Don't let Dallas reward my sister's rapist again

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Every day, people overestimate the importance of the police force in domestic situations. Unless they walk in on a man beating his wife, walk in on a burglary, or walk in on a rape, you are expected to file a report and wait. Wait while you feel dirty, cheated, wronged, and rightfully angry.
EDIT: Judge Jean C. Lee, and Brandon's lawyer, Angela May, have renewed the court order this Saturday. Her restraining order has been dissolved to allow him access to the child. Angela May, reported by the family attending the court, has displayed unsportsmanly behavior that has made Micheala uncomfortable before, making statements that imply that she doesn't believe the rape really happened. She is attacking the [multiple] petition makers under defamation, with claims of libel, despite the fact the petition is simply a recording of events and she has not been sworn at, harassed, or insulted like the mother of this case. Are you afraid of the truth? Let the people decide what your character is from your actions, as you are a public figure.

Full story inbound:

What people don't know is that the justice system is more flawed than they'd guess! It's elementary knowledge that if you are black or mixed raced, you will have issues with the law. This is the case for this family, that I adopted myself into, as we often had run ins with the law due to my father figure's record (a false accusation). Our childhood was miserable and deprived, and uniforms were a symbol of fear and corruption, rather than protection for us. We frequently witnessed our father beaten, carted off to jail, and were abused by supervisors and bad friends growing up who would use this record against us.

So, naturally, when my sister got into an abusive relationship with an individual by the name of Brandon Haynes, with a criminal record.  She didn't go to the police when he hit her. Security, not the police, at the movie theater she worked at protected her when he was stalking and hawking her workplace, post getting fired for his problematic behavior. She didn't go to the police when he choked her unconscious at his house on Christmas Eve, and raped her. She took a week's worth of the abortion pills given to her by the clinic, but the entire week was hammered with guilt by the anti abortion protesters outside, and her own grips with her faith. When she saw the blood, she thought it was enough, and she could finally stop this nightmare and pretend it never happened, like most rape victims do.

However, months later, the baby had survived. Despite the attempted abortion to cover up her shame, despite the medical malpractice in which she was in labor for 3 days, Anthony survived, and my sister thought it was a sign- a miracle. She decided to raise him better than his "father", and got him checked up at a reputable doctor this time, and resolved to take care of him no matter what. 5 months later, the news came in-
Brandon Haynes, the man who raped her, heard through a mutual friend that she had given birth, and demanded access to a child that he had no right to, and access to a girl who annulled their toxic relationship long ago. The nightmare was beginning again.

He resumed stalking her workplace and harassing her phone, and she fell back into the battered mindset. And the court gave it to him- all the access he could ever want, to hurt and control her, to keep her living in fear. Maurice Aguilar ruled in his favor in court, alongside rude comments like "You don't look raped." He court ordered that she meet Haynes again, and give him custody of her breastfed baby every Saturday for five hours. I was there (on call, and the rest of the events here are recounted by mother and family) on that first day, where she promised to come by and feed him. Haynes took the child in a booster seat far too large for Anthony (Toddler sized, not for a newborn), and let Anthony cry and cry, refusing to let either of us touch him once he had his hands on the child. He had no diapers, no baby food, no bottles- he expected her to give him her resources which she worked hard to give Anthony since the moment she was born.

However, she was sure Haynes would steal them, and he was informed on what to buy. Haynes ignored all of this- after driving off with the child, we met him at the home to feed Anthony when he said "No- just give me a bottle and leave." Outraged, we waited on the street, and he invited his friends. My sister recognized them as drug users and dealers, as several unknown individuals entered the house. His family, fully supporting rapist Haynes, called the police. The police showed up and forced us off the street, off of public property, claiming we were "harassing" Haynes, despite the fact we were on the street and did not once enter his yard or block his driveway. He was utterly despondent and rude, refusing to inform us about anything with how he was "taking care of" the baby.

I was called, and calmed my sister in a walmart parking lot after being bullied away from the home by two police cruisers. She was dry heaving and crying from separation anxiety, as we stressfully awaited the next five hours. When Anthony was returned to us, his clothes had been changed, he smelled like soot, and he was jumpy and anxious. Anthony was out of it, as if he had been drugged with some kind of sleeping pills, and jolted and cried each time he was held until he realized that his mother was there, and began to calm down. We drove home immediately and examined the child.

Anthony's diaper was on far too tight, it was cutting off his circulation. More importantly, he was red and raw in the face from crying and being left to cry, and his anus was red and irritated with two long hairs between the cheeks. We panicked and took him to two doctors, waiting all night just for doctors to tell us what the police and attorneys had been telling us since this nightmare began- "We can't do anything." The latter doctor rephrased her "I can't do anything", to immediately blaming my sister for Haynes' negligence- she suspected that Haynes starved the baby and it gave him diarrhea, and it was my sister's fault for that? So we decided to keep Anthony for two weeks following the incident. Anthony had since recovered.

Now, today, this poor woman is living with the constant threat of jail, fines, legal fees, and harassment, and the court who so generously informed us that Haynes, MY SISTER'S RAPIST, is pressing charges. Since the law has done nothing but humiliate her, the people, you can decide.

We have gathered witnesses, people that knew where she was, and know of Haynes' actions, despite his frequent denials on the stand. Now all we need is your signatures, so that other rape victims in Dallas and other people can use her case as a source of courage for themselves. All she wants is to get a nice job, take care of her son, and for Haynes, and the legal system, to leave her and her family alone.

An alarming trend reveals family court bias is actually against mothers.
"I don't care what she wanted- I want a light skinned baby." -Brandon Haynes, in a threatening phonecall to our family. We reported it to the police, but were once again informed that they couldn't do anything about it.
Speaking of the police, they're using my father's expunged record against us now, years after it has been cleared. Is this not illegal?

"PAS isn’t recognized by the American Psychological Association and isn’t listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). Dr. Paul Fink, former president of the American Psychiatric Association, describes PAS as “junk science at its worst.”

Legal authorities are just as skeptical. A 2015 American Bar Association report, Parental Alienation Syndrome: 30 Years On and Still Junk Science, concluded “Despite having been introduced 30 years ago, there remains no credible scientific evidence supporting parental alienation syndrome.”

The National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges, and the National District Attorneys Association (NDAA) have also spoken out against PAS, stating it “threatens the safety of abused children.” But despite widespread repudiation, PAS is still accepted in family courts."

I have included links to some studies, books, and articles throughout this piece. Thank you for listening and signing. We aren't expecting donations, nor are we asking for any, but if given we will use them for court expenses and caring for Anthony. Thank you, again, for your time and generosity. Donations made through are used to advertise the petition automatically and do not go to the family.

Please don't let the law traumatize us and reward my sister's rapist again.
I believe that it is inherently wrong to force my sister to give up her custody to the man who raped her. I fear that if this goes through, it will destroy what little spirit she has left, and rape her again. Please protect the victims.
EDIT: Her attorney Allen Roach does not think she will win this case. Brandon Haynes, despite previously claiming to have no money, has recently hired a lawyer. Affadavits from fellow coworkers and acquaintances are being signed.