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Convicted on hearsay evidence

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Sentenced to life on hearsay , he said she said evidence and a dying declaration full of inconsistencies have taken a young mans life away from him that is right no forensic , no eye witness nothing expect stories to place this man at the scene ! Sadly one man lost his life and of course having someone held responsible for that means his family can grieve and try to move on with their life ..but those who love and care for Jimmy can not because he has been wrongly convicted looking at spending his life in a cell ! .. Evidence presented at the 3 trials was full of inconsistency . At The first trial the jury was dismissed due to late disclosure of evidence by the prosecution , when disclosed it held accounts which were wholly different to those given to the police , the witnessses were advised in this log that charges could not be brought due to lack of evidence to which then along comes the hearsay . At The 2nd trial the judge ruled that the hearsay evidence was sufficiently unreliable and was therefore inadmissible ,the jury were unable to convict on the basis of the dying declaration in our opinion due to the various stories and lies ..if your son , husband , father had told you he had been stabbed wouldn't those words and your whereabouts at the time stick in your mind well not for the main witness in this case her evidence shows clearly this call didn't take place it was fabricated to get a conviction ! The conviction of life came at the third trial but how and why can evidence that is so clearly sought with inconsistency as stated by a previous judge be allowed to convict a man and sentence him to life !! We need your support in fighting the use of this evidence and getting his case in from the of appeal court ! Please  help us free jimmy and stop other innocent people having their life taken away from them based on hearsay ! 

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