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justice for young mums and social work neglect

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hi there, this idea was for my friend whos child was taken from her because she is a yooung mum, she wanted to try and stop social workers shaming young mums, i decided to help because i have been through some difficulties with social workers myself,

her very short story is, she used to act out as a teenager, but had not been in to trouble for many year prior to having her son. she was also refered through SNIPS, and she had her son removed from her care the day he was born due to her being young and inexperenced, she has only seen her son a few times since he was born and he is now 6 months.

I fell pregant at 17 with my daughter charlotte, she had gastroschisis,  me and my partner had social services when we were younger me for low school attendence and anger issues and my partner for violence but we were both left alone at 15, as they were no longer concerned, Social services were involved behing my back threw (snips) special needs in pregnancy -  and told what exactly was going on with my unborn child i was harrassed by social workers from 19 weeks pregant on ward for well being assessments and so on, this out a strain on my pregnancy and i was under so much stress i started bleeding (doctors still donno what happened) but i gave bith to my daughter and cared for her 24/7 in hospital i eneded up sick my self form looking after my daughter, she was in intensive care for 1 month 1 week and 1 day, i was forced to go to a social work discharge meeting where we were asked to work voluntary with social workers, the discharge nurse said she would not let us go home with our daughter if we rufed so we were forced to work with them, we brought our daughter home and we were watched liek a hawk this agrivted my partner and me and him got into and argument which resulted in the police being foen and my partner beign arrested it went downas a domestic anyways it was dropped obvioulsy my parter was asked to stay away for a week which he did i was strugglign with my daughyer on my own mostly bonding with her and waking up at night but my daughter was fine i was diagnosed with anxiety and depression, i asked for social workers help and they tryed taking me to court to have my child placed in foster care instead of helping me i went to court and i was awarded to care of my daughter a month passed and due to not followign social services advise again the tryed to take my child away from me and place her in foster care agin the judge did not award them care me and my part ner have been in 2 further argument and again the went both times to put my daughter in care and both times were not awarded my child, we went to a pannel and my daughter was put on a supervision order where due to me being young and experienced mum with depression and a negative apporach toward social workers she was placed in her dads care, so now to the really shocking part normal i prais social workers for steooing in a protecting childred ect ect ect ... but Charlotte disappeard for an hour, normally takes 15/20 mins tops for my daughter to be returned to her dad , she left me at 1, she's would be home at 1.20, I texted her dad to ask if she was home yet he said no so I called him and asked him what did he mean no so I called social to find out where she was our worker told us she was home so we thought she was left I the close, I got off the bus and ran from the church to mine without an inhaler by the time I got there it was 5 past 2 and my daughter was literally just dropped off, like 30 seconds before I got there, the worker Karren told me that she poped into the office with Charlotte and left her in the waiting room for two seconds and went and got petrol so I was like okay that's fine,Charlotte was fine,but then she told my daughters dad she jumped in the office to get petrol money and a colleague was sitting in the car with her as she needed to do something and something else so he was fine then he got a call at 5.48 and so did my daughters dad to tell us Karen made a mistake so we were thinking like okay she maby broke or lost something of charlottes and forgot to tell us so she came to see me first at mums asked me to come out side and talk to her with her supervisor and told me that the 'mistake' she had made was not breaking my daughters stuff it was actually leaving Charlotte in her car alone deliberatly, she didnt tell us where she had left the car with my baby in it nor if the car was locked or unlocked, if heating was on or off there was lost of details she missed out, there was way to many in answered questions, her supervisor said they will investigate it and that they are very sorry to begin with I was like okay that's fine, mistakes happen, and then I walked away and it hit me that she neglected my baby in her car, and if me or her dad would have done that she would be taken off of us immediatly, so she went nd told my daughters dad what had happened and the fact she lied to us, but there is still at least 15/20 mins unaccounted for, so I have called both our lawyers and been to the police they are investigating it and notifying the social that they know but all they can do if make a report send it to high up social workers and see what happens.


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