URGENT! Support Belgian Muslim Women's right to study

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Dear people,

Muslim women from Belgium are reaching out to you.

They have reached their limit. Only one word to describe their feelings: rage.


Because the constitutional court in our country ruled that the schools can forbid the students to wear religious signs (see judgment no. 81/2020).

Therefore, many Young Muslim Women wearing the headscarf don’t have access to higher and lower education or access it at the prize of a humiliating surrender.

Taking off a headscarf is not the same as taking off a cap or a sweater and that is what the Court has overlooked. Various human rights are violated.

Obliging women to make a choice between studies and violent humiliation.

That is a discrimination that has, is and is going to stop many young women to receive the education they deserve.

It is unacceptable to discriminate against a minority on the basis of religious beliefs.

Every human being has the right to study.

A ban on wearing a headscarf will only diminish the chances of young ambitious women fighting for their future.

This is a shameful act from our country.

So please, sign the petition and share it.

Share our story. This is injustice.

Join us on JULY 5th, we will be on the streets in Brussels. Wherever you are, put this date on your agenda and come out on the streets to make our voice louder.


Don't let Belgium make injustice acceptable.

Please help us