Allow weddings in Australia with no limits on guests, dancing or mingling!

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Brides and grooms of Australia can't take this blatant prejudice towards the wedding industry any longer. OPEN OUR WEDDINGS GLADYS BEREJILKLIAN AND BRAD HAZARD AND OTHER STATES PREMIERS! It's time all of Australia band together and give couples the day they have planned and deserve! 

Pubs, clubs, bars, sporting matches and casinos are all able to operate with patrons coming in and out yet, 50% capacities and school formals are able to proceed with dancing and mingling of students, teachers and outside members of the school, yet  we (brides and grooms) are being stopped and limited on the amount of guests we wish to invite, dancing (both culturally and recreationally), singing and general festivities that are in association to weddings. We need to make a change! Allow weddings in Australia to revert back to normal prior to these inconsiderate COVID-19 restrictions! Including, church numbers attendance, pre wedding at home festivities and venues / receptions!

States with low infection numbers and fatality: We want a larger number of guests able to be in attendance with full functions of a wedding including dancing on the dance floor with guests, speeches, tossing bouquets and garters, significant cultural dances, and the father-daughter / mother - son dances. We want to be treated fairly and at the same capacity as similar events (eg: formals). 

States with higher infection numbers and fatality: Provide a realistic roadmap and exemptions for those in extreme circumstances to proceed with their planned day in the hopes to achieve unlimited guests and dancing for the near future. 

All states, must keep consistency with other events that they are allowing to proceed and adopting the same concepts with weddings.