Countryside Townhomes - A Better Roof Over Your Head!

Countryside Townhomes - A Better Roof Over Your Head!

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Dirk Johnson started this petition to Countyside Proprietary - Board of Directors

Did you know that Countryside townhouses that have the Scarborough design are limited to ONLY "three-tab" (referred to here as 3T) roof shingles. We are currently not permitted to use "architectural shingles" (AS), which are superior in every possible way to 3T shingles. 

Three-tab shingles are the most basic roof shingle available. They are thin, very vulnerable to wind damage and hail damage, foot traffic, erosion, and other typical wear and tear due to their inferior design. 3T shingles are old technology, unchanged for decades. Yes, they work, but there is a much better alternative. 

Architectural shingles are a more modern product. They use similar material as 3T, but they are designed and manufactured with significant improvements in all aspects:

- Made of thicker, heavier material, approximately 50% more. 

- Made with stronger adhesives that prevent "flapping", and have more surface granules per sq ft, while using a better grade of asphalt. 

- Have a wind resistance rating of 80 to 120 mph winds, compared to 60 mph for 3T. We have recently had 60 mph wind storms here in Countryside. Our current townhouse roof shingles (3T) do not even meet the requirements for expected weather. 

- Carry a much longer expected lifespan of 18 to 20 years, compared to 7 to 10 years than 3T shingles. 

- Have much longer warranties than 3T (nearly double, contact your contractor for details). 

- Cost:: Architectural shingles are a bit more expensive when purchased outright, but our selected contractor, American Home Contractors ( and we have NO affiliation) charges the same price for INSTALLED roofs, using 3T or AS. For them, AS singles are easier to install and AS provides their clients a much more durable roof. They do not even quote 3T shingles unless asked! 

All of this information comparing AS to 3T is very widely available on the Web, on site-after-site of roofing contractors.

Here is a rundown of the differences on just one site:

A Bing search for "3+tab+vs+architectural+shingle" yields a lot of material on the subject:

The bottom  line is that, as homeowners we can install a much more modern, durable product on our roofs, for no additional cost, or a marginal cost differential, depending on the contractor.

This would seem like an easy decision, but the architectural guidelines of the Countryside Proprietary PROHIBIT the use of architectural shingles on certain townhomes (not all). Single family homes and even some townhouses in Countryside are not at all constrained by these antiquated rules. 

Instead, for "visual consistency" only, we currently MUST use inferior 3-Tab shingles on our houses. This not only highly discriminatory, but it also fails simple logic.  


It seems that the opponents of AS can speak to only one issue, and that is the maintenance of visual consistency throughout these townhome neighborhoods. 

There are several obvious discrepancies to that argument.  

1) We have found an AS product (IKO DYNASTY granite black, that very closely matches the color of the approved 3T shingle (Certainteed xt25 Moire Black, We have acquired actual samples of each, and the color is basically indistinguishable.  Secondly, the "cut" of the layers shingle of the IKO Dynasty is a straight cut, and not angle cut, as with some AS products. The "straight cut" reflects the similar pattern of the existing CerrainTeed product roof shingles. 

I will post an update soon, with comparison photos photographed under the same lighting conditions. . 

The use of IKO Dynasty shingles in Granite Black would provide a nearly indistinguishable look. 

2) These townhouses are now over 35 years old. Many of the roofs are now in need of replacement, and therefore, the older weathered shingles on them are dramatically faded and discolored, along with years of water staining, surface wear, and more. 

Due to the age differences of the various roofs, these roofs will NEVER AGAIN "match" each other. Some will be new, and some will be old, and the differences will be obvious. We argue that a new roof that very closely matches the existing visual standard is preferable to weathered roofs. 

3) I'd suggest that most homeowners in these neighborhoods are not concerned about an "exact match"  shingle, as long as the color and style closely match. Most homeowners understand and accept reasonable variances in townhouse appearance, especially when the difference is related to improved durability of the structure. 

We have made every attempt to maintain the correct look. We are not asking for a dramatic visual change here.  

I have already been through the NAC/DRC process and was denied the use of AS shingles, solely because it is against the existing guidelines. There is very little discretion that can be applied to the application process. The guidelines must be changed if we are to be able to use modern roofing products on our homes. 

Therefore, I will be submitting a Request for Revision to the guidelines to the Countryside Board of Directors in the September 2021 review period. 

I need your support, in the form of your signature here, to show additional home owner support for this proposal so that Scarborough townhome owners can finally use a much improved product on our roofs, as roofs are one of the most important structural elements of the house. 

Please, do not allow  "visual consistency" to override fairness and common sense. We need out homes to reflect the best possible value, and the use of architectural shingles is a significant part of that analysis. 

Our complete Request for Revision is posted here:

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