Justice and Equality for Hmong Americans and Asians in Yreka, California


Justice and Equality for Hmong Americans and Asians in Yreka, California

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Started by Ethan X

7/20 - Hunger Strike Day 15 (Technically day 16)

Watch the speech: https://youtu.be/7GqXYQbKpac

The Hmong and Asian Community in Yreka, California have been the targets of racial profiling, with the recent lava fire and water ordinance escalating tensions between the community and County Board of Supervisors and Siskiyou County Police.

On May 4th, 2021, the Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors (BoS) passed ordinance 21-08 which limited water transportation on certain roads to less than 100 gallons per vehicle. The affected roads lead to and directly surround the Mt.Shasta subdivision where the majority of the Hmong/Asian Americans live. Cutting off potable water to the community is an unjust tactic to limiting cannabis  growth and a human rights violation. The community has protested against the ordinance and question the numbers referenced by Sheriff LaRue that was ultimately used as justification for the ordinance.

The Lava fire started with lightning strikes in the dry high mountain hills. As the Lava Fire reached the Mt.Shasta subdivision, even with the dangerous levels of smoke and heat and limited water due to ordinance 21-08, the Asian community in the area fought willingly to restrict the rapid progress of the fire. During the lava fire on Tuesday, July 29th, Siskiyou County Police shot and killed Soobleej Kaub Hawj, 35. Witnesses clamied to have heard over 60 rounds fired. Zurg Xiong, passionate voice for the cause, and many other supporters claim that statements made in the original police statement were inaccurate and false. Witnesses say they heard no shots before the police began shooting. The police have not released body camera footage and evidence more than 2 weeks later. Sorrow and anger have filled the affected families and wider Hmong/Asian American community.

After a week of fighting the Lava fire and losing over 15lbs, Zurg began his hunger strike with the support of the community. Zurg and the community calls on the Deparment of Justice and California's Attorney General Rob Bonta for a federal investigation into the shooting.

Zurg and the community will not rest until justice is served and they too can strive for Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

With your support we can bring about national exposure and attention. We fight to achieve our goal of seeking federal investigation and justice.

Zurgs GoFundMe page: To help support the family who lost their Father/Husband, lawyer fee's, to help support security personnel (unfortunately a necessity) and volunteers.




This petition made change with 14,059 supporters!

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