Liberate Cosmetologists & Barbers - Riverside County, CA

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To the Riverside County Board of Supervisors,

We are the Barbers and Cosmetologist of Riverside, CA. We are writing to inform you that we believe the recently extended Stay At Home order issued by Riverside County on April 29, 2020 is victimizing our industry specifically. 

The vast majority of us have complied with orders thus far and have shut our doors to business without receiving a penny of financial aid benefits, grants or unemployment from either the state or federal government. Many of us are at risk of losing our entire life’s work!

May we remind our state & local government that cosmetologists & barbers each have licenses issued regarding public health and safety requiring 1600 hours of education in order for us to perform our work duties safely. This recent amendment is absolutely devastating to us and has already crippled our multibillion dollar industry with countless salons having closed their doors permanently and millions of jobs lost.

This petitions purpose is to advocate for those suffering right now, not only our employees and business owners but our clients as well. We want to make it very clear that what we provide is absolutely necessary, relating to the mental health and stability of our clients.

We believe this is a direct violation of our civil rights, specifically our right to security and liberty as well as equal treatment for occupations and industries with similar education and licensing in public health and safety. We are requesting the immediate amendment to the recent stay at home order naming licensed Cosmetologists and Barbers as essential employees, allowing us to return to work with modified and elevated health and safety practices. 


We expect this petition to be addressed immediately or a petition to recall all elected officials of Riverside County's Board of Supervisors will be issued, along with the filing of a class action law suite protecting our civil liberties as aforementioned. 


Barbers & Cosmetologists of Riverside, CA