Save 505 Front St. Businesses

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The small businesses at 505 Front Street in Lahaina Maui are being bullied out of their spaces by being forced to 'pay rent or get out', during this pandemic. Local Surf shops, jewelry stores, restaurants, and massage therapists, all being forced to pay rent or vacate. People who've worked very hard & poured their hearts and souls into owning their own businesses, who support local economy & who keep this vacation destination afloat when it needs them are not being supported now & will lose their businesses & investment.

There are programs in place to help the owners and leasing company of this shopping center. If they're not actively using those programs or have been denied, let's urge them to hang on for the sake of our small town shop owners. If these businesses are forced to close because for whatever reason they've been denied or are awaiting their small business loans, its not like the centers owners are going to re-rent these open spaces. The center is already half empty! What would be the point? 

We're in an unprecedented time. The economy depends on each of us doing what we can for the continued abundance of the greater whole.

505's small businesses need us Maui! Please help spread the word to keep 505 Front Street from being a ghost town when the economy finally opens up. Mahalo Nui! Lahaina Strong!!