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Change the name of the town of "Kelseyville, CA" to "Konocti, CA"

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Andrew Kelsey - namesake of the small town of Kelseyville, CA - was a kidnapper, slave-trader, murderer and rapist, and his men were the perpetrators of such atrocities as the 1850 Bloody Island Massacre, where between 60 and 100 local Pomo human beings were slaughtered summarily. It is a disgrace to have our beautiful town named after this man.
Meanwhile, there is a local people's movement taking shape here in Lake County, to build a brighter tomorrow and to heal the trauma of yesterday. People of all backgrounds and colors are learning to come together and live in harmony with each other and with the planet we share. "Kelseyville" and the surrounding community is evolving into a healthier, happier, more resilient and conscious community of citizen-leaders and Earth stewards. It is clear that, to express our peaceful and loving Truth, we will have to change the name of this town.
But to what?
Mount Konocti is a beautiful mountain located within the geographic boundaries of "Kelseyville," along the southern shore of beautiful Clear Lake. Konocti is the most prominent object around, and a glorious sight to behold. The name "Konocti" translates to "Mountain Woman," from the Pomo words “Kno” (meaning “mountain”) and “Hatai” (meaning “woman”) in one tribe’s language. The mountain is an essential part of Pomo spirituality, and an essential part of Lake County's culture and ecology. "Konocti" also carries wide name recognition in Northern California's mainstream culture, due to the past popularity of the now-defunct "Konocti Harbor Resort and Marina." Plus, "Konocti" just has a nice ring to it.
Renaming the town Konocti will not only remove the bloody stain of Andrew Kelsey's name from our daily life (mailing addresses, etc.); it will also serve to honor the indigenous people of the land that we now share, and to honor the sacred land itself.
This is a petition proposing a COUNTY-WIDE ballot initiative to change the name of "Kelseyville, CA" to "Konocti, CA." It is proposed to be a county-wide initiative because the town name (be it "Kelseyville," "Konocti," or something else entirely) affects the entire county, and we are all invested in the health and morale of this county. All around this Lake, we inhabit a common community -- and there are certainly people all around the Lake who would like to stand up in favor of changing this town's name from something shameful to something worth celebrating.
Please sign this petition and forward it to as many Lake County citizens as you can. And in the mean time, let's begin a grassroots movement to rename the town on our own, just in our daily affairs. We do not have to say "Kelsey" any more.

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