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Extend Kaua'i Bus Hours On Holidays and Weekends

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We all use public transportation on Kaua'i. The Kaua'i Bus has been available after Hurricane Iniki hit in 1992, to help people get around the island. Since then, small changes were made; but not enough. 

The major obstacle we bus riders face is that the Kaua'i Bus has very limited hours on the weekends, running every 2 hours starting from 6 A.M to 5 P.M depending where your destination is, unlike the weekdays where the Kaua'i Bus runs hourly from 5 A.M to 9 P.M island wide. 

There was a proposed plan for the Kaua'i Bus just this summer of 2017, making a few changes, taking off and adding bus stops, but never took or made the effort to extend the hours for the Kaua'i Bus on the weekends and holidays, so with that being said: 

We, the undersigned bus riders and supporters respectfully request that the Kaua'i Bus schedule be improved to provide hourly and later weekend and holiday service  (like weekday service) because 1. We need to get to and from work on weekends and holidays; 2. Visitors need the service to see the sights and attend various events; 3. Residents, including alot of kids and kupuna have alot of places to go on the weekends. Expanded bus service will help get cars off the road, benefiting those who have to drive longer distances, reducing traffic and our carbon footprint. Also providing more work for our Kaua'i Bus drivers. 

Because these additional services will cost more money, we respectfully request that the Council approve Bill No.2670, providing for a 1/2% General Excise Tax (GET) surcharge to help pay for more transit service. 


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