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County of Dane: Wrongly Accused!

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    Pitbulls were once considered to be the perfect nanny dogs for children due to their friendly nature,loyalty, and stability. The pitbull breed has falsly been given a bad reputationby the media and people who don't know better. we're taught at a young age not to judge a book by the cover, especially if we don't have good knowledge of a topic.The media has pointed fingers at a breed of dogs once considered especially non agressive towards humans, calling them blood thirsty monsters and dangerous dogs, when in fact the media should be pointing fingers and blaming the people who train these beautiful creatures into monsters.

        In 2009 a study was done that showed the owners of viscious pitbulls had worst criminal backgrounds then other dog owners. Pitbulls are the most frequently abused, tortured, and abandoned breed of dogs. Sadly, they become the dog of choice by irresponsible dog fighters becoming picked for their size when they can actually be very loving family dogs if trained correctly just like every other dog. According to a study done by the ASPCA pitbulls exert less bite force then German Sheppards, which we use for our K9 units. Another study done by AVMA, pitbulls are the second most tolerant dogs tested right behind the golden retriever.

        These creatures with no voice to defend themselves from all the accusations are the real victums. People who train them wrong are the ones to blame. People train and torture these animals until their so broke down to the point that unfortunately they know nothing else and get put to sleep. While owners can go get another pitbull and the cycle repeats itself. Pitbulls are not at fault their trainers are.




This is important because it's time something is done and people need to stop pointing fingers at this type of breed of dogs. The trainers are the one to blame. Its time to start enflicting laws and punish those who train them

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