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Franklin County Ohio sheriff Dallas Baldwin needs to resign!

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Mr Dallas Baldwin is the sheriff of the Franklin County jail in Columbus Ohio.

this sheriff continues to allow inmate abuse and neglect within the corrections facilities that detain and house over 2000 inmates in his care. After extensive research ,and inmate testimony, it is clear and evident this sheriff continues to allow neglect and mistreatment to many, if not all,the inmates in their care. These inmates are being deprived medical treatment and are being deprived doctor perscribed medication crucial to their health and well-being. The inmates are provided a “medical needs request” submitted to the staff at the jail requesting medical care and many of these requests are being discarded and ignored. Many inmates arrive at the facility with doctor perscribed medication that are not being administered. Some of these medications are life sustaining drugs required to maintain the inmates health and well-being but are being withheld from the inmate. This is not only cruel and inhumane, it is a direct violation of constitutional rights. 

Obviously this current sheriff ,Dallas Baldwin,has no respect for the civil rights of the incarcerated men and women under his watchcare. It is also quite clear Mr Baldwin has no concern about the healthcare they fail to provide to the inmates in their care. To disregard a medical request from a inmate, and to withhold perscribed medication is a violation of the vows the sheriff office has sworn to uphold. 

We are asking for signitures to remove sheriff Baldwin from the position he currently holds either by resignation or dismissal. He has failed to perform his duties in a fair and humane fashion thus forfeiting his right to that office. We ask petitioning that Mr Baldwin step down and make room for a more qualified candidate to perform the duties he fails to provide. Please help us remove this inexperienced immature sheriff that is failing in his obligations and expectations. Men and women are suffering and being abused under his leadership and this injustice must stop!

feel free to call the Franklin County Ohio sheriffs office and ask to speak with Mr. Baldwin about how and why this injustice continues. 614/525-3333

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