Mombasa Public Democratic Right

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Whenever we as Mombasa public sit quiet, the so called "Rulers" sit and shit on our heads, it has not become a nightmare to be even able to survive in this once flourishing city of the Ocean, from being Rouged up by County askari's to be unduly instructed the same county offices on unethical and unbearable instructions to supposedly "beautify" the City.

While the chosen leader opts to be sitting abroad in a lavish posh hotel for over 30 days on public funds we as the layman work tirelessly to put bread on the table.

We pay the Public Servants ! 

We Pay for their Lavish Holidays !

We pay for their posh Cars !

And we suffer from Roads, Garbage, Sewage, County harassment to Losing economic portfolio.

Now comes laws to Paint Building to colors chosen by the County while sitting in their non-benefiting forum to the Public and we still bear the pain.

Comes ridiculous Garbage bins to be installed by business entities at a whooping Kshs. 7000/= which again is a benefit to some county tops.

An LED lamp that was supposedly being sold for Kshs.300.00 hikes upto 1200.00 as a result that its the one chosen by again the County.

Further torturing is None of the County Business premisis is painted as required for business owners. (Treasury Square, County assembly, governor's Office, Ambalal House. Bima towers, Chiefs/MCA offices)

None of the Tycoon business are touched for some reason (Nawal Center, Cannon towers ) 

So what is happening to our Democratic Right are we servants of Looters and Goons.

I might be the next on threat list to raise a voice against this, !!!! but someone has to take the stand and question ?

What are my Democratic rights?

The County Governor being My Public Servant has to listen to me !

With your support i request this petition to be signed by at least 5000 business and individuals who are tired of this uncouthly track that the County is pushing on us.


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Lets bring Mombasa back to "Mombasa Raha" 

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