Save Scout Field

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Shenan Golimbu
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Join us in protecting and preserving Scout Field’s beauty, as well as its open space that is used freely by the people of lower Westchester County, New York.  

Scout Field is an oasis of open green space within the fragile Bronx River Reservation, unlike any other in lower Westchester County.  It is a gathering place that reflects the diversity of County residents from the surrounding communities.   Whether picnicking under the century-old trees, taking a stroll, or meandering down a wooded path along the Bronx River, guests come to Scout Field to enjoy this welcoming communal activity space. You may decide to bike along the Bronx River Greenway on your way to Scout Field to join in a game of volleyball or soccer, or just play fetch with your favorite four-legged friend.

Sadly, it is alarming that this sanctuary is now under siege by those who think they are entitled to do what they want with it. An Inter Municipal Agreement was surreptitiously negotiated between Westchester County’s previous County Executive and officials from the neighboring Town of Eastchester, New York, to install a soccer field for Eastchester, while not one blade of grass on Scout Field is located within the borders of the Town of Eastchester. This plan is expected to cost Westchester County taxpayers in excess of $2.5 million and will cede exclusive control of this parcel of County parkland to the Town of Eastchester.  The plan includes cutting down 31 trees, excavating the entire field, and disrupting the fragile ecosystem. To make matters worse, they plan to erect a fence and restrict public access, while allowing  the exclusive use by Eastchester Schools and youth sports programs.  This will forever change Scout Field by destroying the landscape while inhibiting the open-use of this precious green space. Allowing this to happen sets a dangerous precedent for County parkland to be absorbed by one community at the expense of all.

We cannot afford or condone any restricted access to the park, or intentional destruction of native historic trees, hedges, and wild shrubs, as well as the displacement of established wildlife inhabiting the Bronx River Watershed.

Therefore, we ask that you please join the Friends of Scout Field in opposing this short-sighted and selfish proposal to eliminate one of lower Westchester’s last remaining, natural, open-use green spaces.

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