Term Limits and the "Two-Hat" Rule must be included in the Rockland County Charter.

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Concerned Rockland County residents, along with County Executive Ed Day, want to see two important changes to the new Rockland County charter:

1) Term limits for all elected county officials and

2) The "the "two-hat rule", meaning that no elected county official can hold a second job on the taxpayer’s dime.

Unfortunately, most members of the County Legislature (led by Chairman Alden Wolfe) have ignored our demands and left these items off of the proposed charter that has been forwarded to County Executive Day in the form of a 'local law' to place the new charter on the November 2014 ballot for approval by the voters.

We call on County Executive Day to VETO this local law and send it back to the legislature where the legislators will have 30 days to override his veto. Twelve (12) votes will be needed for the override to get the Charter onto the ballot in November 2014.

If 12 votes are NOT obtained then this useless 'new charter' will have a deserved early demise and Day's veto would be sustained.

However, if 12 votes or more ARE obtained then the electorate will clearly see who it is in the legislature that is opposed to both term limits and the 2-hat rule and the voters can then take care of this proposed charter at the ballot box themselves by overwhelmingly voting it down.

They can also take care in the November 2015 election of the 12 legislators who vote to override Day's veto since ALL of the legislators come up for re-election in fifteen months from now.

1) There should be term limits for all elected officials and

2) No elected official should hold a second job on the taxpayer’s dime, known as the two-hat rule.

Both of these items have been implemented in the County of Westchester but with the present proposed Local Law neither will be put to the voters in November 2014 for approval. Instead the voters will be asked to approve some ‘housekeeping and procedural changes’.

Now is the time for you to join your neighbors and fellow Rocklanders and demand that these two items be included in any new charter.  By signing this petition, we can put the spotlight and pressure on our legislators who are supposed to be representing us and our needs.

We will also keep you posted at to let you know which legislators support these changes, and which do not.  This will help you make informed voting decisions when they are all up for re-election in November 2015.

Rockland County Legislators

District 1 - Douglas J. Jobson
District 2 - Michael M. Grant
District 3 - Jay Hood, Jr.
District 4 - Ilan S. Schoenberger
District 5 - Barry Kantrowitz
District 6 - Alden H. Wolfe (Chairman)
District 7 - Philip Soskin
District 8 - Toney L. Earl
District 9 - Christopher J. Carey
District 10 - Harriet D. Cornell
District 11 - Frank Sparaco
District 12 - Joseph L. Meyers
District 13 - Aron B. Wieder
District 14 - Aney Paul
District 15 - Patrick J. Moroney
District 16 - John A. Murphy
District 17 - Nancy Low-Hogan, Ph.D.

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