Immediate Review of Use of Force in Prince George's County

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The Prince George's County community is in need of drastic changes when it comes to policing and community matters; but to get the answers and legislation we seek we are asking that the review of Use of Force  and Training Procedures for all law enforcement agencies operating within the borders of Prince George's. There has been a historic practice seen in law enforcement that targets boys and young men of color in the country and our county is not without a stain.

Even as the Nations Capitol burns and cries for change can be heard; law enforcement in Prince George's can be seen kicking an individual who appeared to be restrained and this we watch unfold right before our very eyes thanks to footage from a concerned citizen. It is critical our law enforcement officials are transparent in their actions, held accountable for their behavior, and properly trained to provide culturally responsive and socially conscious patrol and procedural practices to ensure the trust, safety, and communication needed to successfully serve in the best interest of our community.

So with this in mind, we ask that you allow the review of policing practices. As you mentioned in a recent press briefing, your administration is ready and willing to work with faith based organization and community leaders alike. In solidarity let us move toward justice and equity and for a better tomorrow.