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Riverstone Residents - Requesting Short term Flood Risk Mitigation & Future Remediation

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Thank you for the informational meeting arranged by Riverstone LID 15 & 19 on Sep 18, 2017. Many Officials and LID Directors stayed until 11 pm to answer many of the residents questions, which shows the commitment and priority given to this current situation from your end. 

The session also gave detailed information about the Riverstone levee and creek systems and also offered details about what might have caused the flood in a few of our subdivisions. Here are a couple of questions that have been repeatedly asked by our residents: 

  1.  Why did it flood only in certain subdivisions while other subdivisions in Riverstone remained dry with no flooding?
  2.  Why did the water rise so quickly on Monday within a couple of hours after the Mandatory evacuation order was put in place?
  3. Why did the water continue to accumulate inside the levee after rain stopped on Tuesday?

LID Engineers and officials tried their best to answer and, in several situations, kept repeating that it was an unprecedented event and we were only designed to control a 100 year rain event. That may or may not be the case which needs to proved but it's really not the right answer we residents want to hear. We really want to know the actual reason behind the flooding of Riverstone subdivisions with facts and figures. 

With change in weather patterns witnessed all around country, especially heavy down pours inundating many suburb areas in Houston in last few years, Riverstone LID system is really not ready to handle more than 100 year event.  As 2017 Hurricane season is still ongoing and we are still not out of harm’s way for this year, a new storm can develop and threaten us at any time. While we wait for the AAR Report & Peer Review and permanent solutions to be determined, we request that the LIDS plan for short term risk mitigation efforts. 

Riverstone Residents from across all subdivisions put forth the following requests to be considered by Commissioner and LID Board of Directors:

1. Either purchase or lease extra pumps required to up the pump capacity to handle more than 100 year baseline, and keep them available as back up to run anytime required for the 2017 hurricane season. We need interim plan to  include timeline and cost to make this happen quickly. 

2. Create modeling for draining the amenities lakes in our Riverstone community and evaluate using them as detention ponds during heavy storms. 

3. We were told by engineers that there are smaller pumping areas like Snake Slough that can be used for additional pump capacity, but are not currently being used. Evaluate them and try to make use of these additional areas during emergency situations.

4. During Harvey, Fort Bend County was not prepared and did not plan in advance for evacuating residents. Being in an unincorporated area, we are dependent on Fort Bend County. Please work with Fort Bend County to develop better communication plans, effective evacuation protocols detailing when and how much advance notice for mandatory evacuations, predetermined evacuation routes and named shelters nearby and effective rescue plans for residents who are unable to evacuate.  

5. At the information meeting, we were told that the AAR report would take 90 days and the peer review by an outside company might take 6 - 9 months. Considering the urgency and importance of the matter, we URGE THE LIDs to work on shortening the period to 30 days and expedite finding an outside firm and publish the final report within 3-4 months(timeline starts on oct 2017), so that we can plan for next Hurricane season.

6. Fort Bend County Precinct 2 and 4 commissioners have shared their interest in making mid-term appointments to the LID 15 and LID 19 Board of Directors. We would strongly urge the Commissioners to consider our community residents for at least 2 of these positions in each LID and give them a chance to get involved more and be part of the LID process.

7. We Riverstone Residents also request Commissioners to recommend legislation change to expand the LID Board of Directors from 3 to 5 which will allow more residents to be part of the process and help make decision quickly and wisely. 

Many Riverstone Residents went through A LOT during the last month or so. The LID Boards should treat this matter with the utmost importance and put a task force together to monitor any review and remediation plans in a thorough and speedy manner. Riverstone residents are happy to help and work with you to rebuild our community and make it stronger than ever.

Let's work together as team to make our Riverstone Community strong, safe and secure for everyone. 

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