Save Our Gardens

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Gardens are important; together with other green spaces – parks, trees and ‘wild’ areas they have many benefits, particularly in urban settings, providing pleasant, calming surroundings, allowing people to relax, they are good for mental and physical health and they bring a little bit of nature into towns.  Neighbourhoods with green gardens are better places to live.

Unfortunately gardens are still disappearing being paved over for parking, paving, decking or plastic grass.  Landlords and busy people often want a low maintenance garden requiring a minimum of work, and they can be tempted into removing high maintenance plants, shrubs, vegetation and flowers. Too often there is a snowball effect, once a certain percentage of gardens are paved over, many of the rest soon follow.  

However in an age with a growing Climate and Environmental crisis this is the opposite of what needs to happen, we need more green areas not less. Cars while often essential, and liked, are a major source of greenhouse gases, they pollute the air, contribute to traffic, danger and tarmac wherever they are.  Unfortunately providing parking spaces at residences has the effect of encouraging greater car usage.

Councils are the authority that have control over gardens, but too often they appear uninterested and claim that there is nothing they can do.  However there is. We call on Councils to take action, as a start by bringing in Article 4 Directives, these provide authorities with the power to control inappropriate developments.