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County Council, Dept of Public Works Traffic Engineering, County Executive:Place a school zone speed limit around Seven Oaks Elementary

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On Blue Water Blvd, between Roff Point & Regiment Way, A 6 year old child was struck by a vehicle and suffered major injuries. His injuries could have been lessened if appropriate speed regulations were in place, and enforced. With such a high volume of child pedestrian traffic, especially during school start and end times, it is imperative we implement safe guards to protect the children and all residents in our community. The speed limit here is 35, which is reasonable. The problem is that  people regularly speed, especially in the morning time. Speed bumps are not a viable option considering the amount of traffic on these main arteries of our community. However, school speed zones are a viable and realistic option. 

The following places are suggestions for where the school speed zone should start and end:

Blue Water Blvd & Eagle Landing Way

Blue Water Blvd & Bluffs Island Ct

Town Center Blvd & Pinecone Ave

Charter Oaks Blvd & Arcadia Shores Circle

Where the greatest amount of child pedestrian traffic is located, just before and after school start/end times, is what impacted the choice of these points the most. At school start and end times traffic already backs up from the corner of Blue Water Boulevard and Town Center Blvd due to the excellent job of our crossing guards. Therefore, it is reasonable to think that traffic would not be any more greatly impacted due to new school speed regulation and enforcement.

I INVITE ALL DECISION MAKERS TO STAND ON THE CORNER OF BLUE WATER BLVD & TOWN CENTER BLVD AT 2:30-2:40pm, TO SEE THE FLOOD OF CHILDREN THAT RUSHES DOWN THESE STREETS IN ALL 3 DIRECTIONS. ALSO, COME STAND IN THE SAME SPOT 7:30am-8:05am TO SEE THE STEADY STREAM OF CHILDREN THAT COMES IN THE MORNING. Please keep in mind that IN ADDITION to the kids you will see, even more children come from the Scaffold Way and Almshouse Dr areas but they cross Blue Water & enter the school back towards their homes. We wouldnt want to forget to safeguard these children just because they dont live on the part of Blue Water where a child was injured by a car. The applies to the students coming down Town Center Blvd from Pinecove Ave, Quitespring Dr, Cannon Ridge Dr, and Charter Oaks Blvd. 

I ALSO INVITE BOTH RESIDENTS AND DECISION MAKERS to drive Blue Water, Town Center, & Charter Oaks AND GO THE SPEED LIMIT (35mph) and notice the flow of traffic around you. THE MAJORITY OF RESIDENTS SPEED ON THESE ROADS. It has been timed, driivng these roads at the speed limit (35mph), & then again at 15mph. THE TIME DIFFERENCE THAT WOULD BE ADDED TO A RESIDENTS TRIP DOWN THESE ROADS IS 1-2minutes MAX. EACH OF THESE CHILDRENS LIVES ARE WORTH 2 minutes of our time each morning/afternoon. 

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