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County Commissioner Proposes Killing White Sharks on Cape Cod

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County Commissioner Ron Beaty is proposing to use bait drums to catch White sharks and then shooting them, if still alive, and dragging them out further into the ocean and disposing of them. This is supposed to cull the sharks that are frequenting our shores since the influx of seals has begun along our shores. Not only has this been proven not to work in Australia and Africa, it will effect the ecosystems of our ocean. These bait drums will not only catch sharks, they will catch other species of sharks and dolphins and pose a threat to other wildlife.

Mr. Beaty was quoted in an article on by, BRIAN MERCHANT, NewsCenter , August 24, 2017, as saying white sharks are "man-eaters". No, white sharks are apex predators in the ocean. They hunt down ocean food sources to eat and sometimes humans get in the way. White sharks do not hunt people like you watch in Jaws, that's fiction!

While I do agree, there is an issue when it comes to tourism and our beaches, people basically are being educated and the sharks are being monitored daily. There is even an app, which informs people of where a shark is ( that has been tagged ) and people can decide whether to swim or not. It's quite a dilemma now-a-days isn't it?

Why do we have to kill them? So extreme when they are actually doing us a favor by naturally culling the seal population which everyone has been having a problem with for years. There has to be another way. Killing is permanent, once they are gone, FOREVER!!!

Please sign my petition and maybe voice your ideas of how to solve this issue. Support our local Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, who helps educate the public and conducts research on our sharks. Like it or not, we need them and killing for me is not an option. Who's with me?


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