Marilyn Kirkpatrick Please don't let Family Dollar put a new store on a deadly crossing

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We request Respected Clark county commissioner Marilyn Kirkpatrick not to let   Family Dollar build a store/Strip mall on the intersection of LINN LANE & E LAKEMEAD BLVD in LAS VEGAS, NEVADA. A lot of pedestrians have died nearby  this intersection , which just got a traffic light (repeatedly reported as one of the deadliest intersections  in Las Vegas by local news channels), commercializing this location will make this intersection deadly also, Please no more Fatalities . We do not want increased unwanted traffic within our already busy streets, increased risk of theft/and or burglary to our homes and any new houses being built.

There are several reasons why this is important:

1) Traffic/Fatal Accidents – Linn lane is a single lane st, and is in a Rural area, it cannot handle more traffic and speeding cars, big delivery trucks etc. Traffic on East lake mead Blvd is already congested. We have had too many fatal crashes involving pedestrians near this intersection, A Family Dollar store would create more pedestrian traffic AND COGESTION, this intersection has no Traffic light, which will make it hard for customers to cross. A traffic light was installed on a nearby intersection no too long ago by the efforts of Marilyn Kirkpatrick for which we are very thankful  but We don’t want another traffic light, as this area has too many already! , Causing a very slow movement in traffic.

2) Crime/Stigma – The area as we already know has a lot of petty crime, housebreak in’s. THE Number of Robberies are already high in the nearby businesses, on top of that the hold times over the phone for Police are everlasting long. A newly built Senior living apartment is adjacent to the proposed location, this senior living and its senior residents are already dealing with break ins and other crimes, We don’t want them exposed to more crime, or have them walk back and forth on a street with heavy traffic, causing more accidents. A Family Dollar store would bring unexpected crime like petty theft, loitering, mugging etc to this rural area and this area is not only the usual area it would target. Also, this store brings a stigma associated with low-income, crime-ridden areas that target a certain demographic of people.

3) Proximity Mountain View Elementary School - A Family Dollar store would be very close, approx. .05 miles to this school. This may bring unexpected crime, more vehicular traffic near the children, and families dropping and picking their kids, on a already very busy intersection. We do not want these factors to jeopardize our kids safety and security.
4) Home Values - Currently home values are "bouncing" back and increasing. A Family Dollar will lower area standards due to lower income shopping experience and this will be devastating to home values, and new construction, in future.
5) Location - A store similar to Family Dollar, (named DOLLAR GENRAL) is just 0.7 miles from this location. Why do we need another one? Also, a Family Dollar store is ONLY 1.2 miles away at the following address 4365 E LAKE MEAD BLVD. WE don’t need a cluster of DOLLAR STORES. We already have a Wal- Mart, Walgreens, Albertsons, Cvs nearby where we shop.
6) Rural Residential Area- This area has been a rural residential area, where families have been living in for multiple generations. With a lot of seniors being part of the neighborhood, also people own livestock, horses etc. WE don’t want more commercialization of this area, which is already turning commercial too fast. We would like to keep its originality.

7) Too many Empty lots- Family dollar announced recently that its closing over 300 locations nationwide, We can not trust a company like this to keep its property occupied, if it shuts down after sometime, it will add to already closed business nearby, like (Fresh and easy, rite-aid, Super Wal-Mart etc.) this will bring in a problem of squatters, which our area is already dealing with on a large scale. If this happens, then The other proposed shops in this strip mall might also close, as they will be dependent on Family dollar for generating Traffic.