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Make Changes and Save the Lives of Scott County Animals

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Please share and help get the procedures at Scott Co Animal Shelter changed before someone else loses a loved one without the chance to even give their pet a final resting place. My dad let his boxer Max out to use the bathroom, something he has done a million other times in the past few years. This time Max took off and he got hit by a car. A very nice person saw Max on the side of the road and made a post on Facebook. My dad saw the post and he immediately started calling around trying to see what happened to Max. So while dad is calling everybody, Smart Chip calls dad and said that Scott Co Animal Shelter had his dog and they would be getting a hold of him soon. So we called dispatch and they said the dog had been put down and the body disposed of. Guess what? Still no call from Scott Co Animal Shelter. I called the mayor of Scottsburg and got the dog catchers personal cell, and I have texted him, called him, and still no reply, instead he turned off his phone. This is something that has to be changed, our beloved Max had a chip and even if he couldn't of been saved (we will never know because the dog catchers is not a vet) we would of liked to of giving him a place to rest. He is a big part of our family. So please let Scott Co Animal Shelter know how bad this is. Since this came to light, I have gotten comments and even inbox messages from people I don't know telling me horror stories. I'm asking everyone please share and let's get the procedures changed . #justice4max #justice4allpets.

Another update my sister talked to the woman that found Max and she said Max was alert and not aggressive but they still put my Max down. So dispatch told us this morning Max had been put down and disposed of. I went to the animal shelter to make sure of it, and found the guy who found him. So I asked them where Max was? He said wait a minute and locked his self in and said he had to ask his supervisor. Well about 10 minutes later the cops show up at my request. He then comes back out and tells the cops to escort me off his premises. They ask for my dog. He said I had to come see the supervisor Monday.

Latest update so after them telling us Max was disposed of last night I was told I could pick him up today at opening. Come back today an employee of the animal shelter said there were no dead dogs on the property. Animal control was no help at all a police officer told us that at the cities request Max went to Purdue to get an autopsy. Then about 30 minutes later a dog catcher called and finally told us Max was at Purdue. 

We want to change policies and the way things are done at the animal shelter! It will take more than just our family to make a change, if we stand together we can get things changed in our county. The animal shelter needs longer hours and a better way to reach them when there is an emergency! The facility needs to be updated very badly as well. 

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