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Louisa County has done everything possible to shut down multiple efforts to launch small businesses at Pleasants Landing.

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We, the members of the Lake Anna Community petition our community leaders to actively support efforts to create employment opportunities and to bring amenities and services to our community which will enhance our lives.
We petition the County of Louisa to refrain from their destructive efforts to prevent or hinder the efforts to re-open Pleasants Landing with all of it approved historic uses, such as recreation.
We ask the County of Louisa to recognize that Small Business Employers and all employers are the unpaid collection agents for federal and state government.  Eighty percent of all income is collected and remitted by these uncompensated employers. These employers often hire outsides services (such as: payroll and accounting services) to assist in this responsibility. These employers are held fully accountable and do not do not receive any compensation or tax credit for providing this service.

In the event, a payroll company embezzles $42,000  (such as Accupay (Baltimore, MD) did to the Vallerie’s and 300 of their other clients) the IRS provided these simple options: (1.)Repay with interest  and the IRS will simultaneously drain their account as the deposits appear, (2.) Use your Heloc and repay it all now.  

Our employers hire and train applicants. They fund health care.  (Groups with < 50 employees (6k emp; +6k spouse,+6k children), ($9 per hour). Cost of a high deductible plans ($3,500) are shared with the employees.

Our employers also provide worker's compensation insurance. Worker compensation insurance for an office worker is approximately $100 per year, however for a labor position such as a truck driver's or a carpenter's cost can be $6,000 per year, per employee (cost varies according by state).

In addition employers match social security payments, they fund unemployment programs and if well-established and stable then they also participate in retirement programs. The smaller and/or younger the employer, the more vulnerable they are!

Any time an employer creates a new job he has created an additional revenue source for our governments at no cost to the government.

Small Employers are truly the unrecognized hero of our economy and the statistics representing survival make our 50% divorce rate look very attractive.

So the question arises “why is our local government obstructing the development of future employers”?
We the signers of this petition: Louisa County Department of Economic Development, Louisa County Administration and  Louisa County Board of Supervisor to actively aid and assist in the entrepreneurial efforts of Small Business growth and developments.

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