Stop mandatory Covid-19 vaccination

Stop mandatory Covid-19 vaccination

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Vaccination has to be personal choice no one need to be forced or expelled from work or school because he or she is not vaccinated. It's your right to choose what gets into your body. 

Vaccination must not be mandatory, instead voluntary. But the current situation is very different. It has become requirements at work, to enter big stores, and to travel2 to another place. Those who do not take the vaccine are still scared.

The government's goal regarding the vaccine is good. But the right of people who do not want to get vaccinated should also be respected because there are different reasons and different ones and resistance/state of health.

That would have been the meaning of DEMOCRACY. Respect for the rights of every human being.

Look at what's happening people.. the unvaccinated are being pushed to the corner.. there's already discrimination and segregation..
More and more doors are being closed to those unvaccinated people. 

The vaccine is not an assurance that you will not die. 

No to compulsory vaccination now

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50 have signed. Let’s get to 100!