Make Wyndora Avenue safe again.

Make Wyndora Avenue safe again.

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Grant Miller started this petition to Counsellors Northern Beaches Council

Now is the time to make safety an issue as there is a council election in December!

Wyndora Avenue is too busy with through traffic.

Wyndora avenue has a high traffic volume similar to Oliver Rd and Harbord Rd at times.  However, as it is not as wide as these main roads it cannot accommodate this much traffic.  Also, the very nature of the street is long and straight which tends to encourage speeding up or down the street.

It is too narrow.

The street is too narrow for 2 cars to pass each other at times, contributing to a lot of near misses and side mirrors being ripped off cars, including my car - twice in the last year.  Sometimes, it can be frightening just getting into and out of your car as cars whizz by and narrowly miss you. This can leave you feeling pretty shaken afterwards.

Cars speed along it

Furthermore, there is a school, St John the Baptist, located in the street with a 40 km school zone that is largely ignored by drivers.  It is only a matter of time before a really serious accident will happen.

The Potential Solutions

Wyndora Avenue needs to be designed properly to reduce the number of cars and their speed so that it can be safer.  One or more of the following suggestions could potentially be considered by Council and agreed by the residents:

·         Reconsider the installation of speed bumps in the street.  In 2016, speed bumps were approved by the council, but eventually were declined due to complaints of some residents in the street. This is understandable, often residents want traffic calming devices in their street, but not in front of their home due to loss of parking or increased noise.  However, as traffic has worsened over the past 5 years, and the road has becoming increasingly unsafe, maybe this idea can be revisited. 

·         Narrow the street in sections so only 1 car can pass at a time – this will force cars to slow down somewhat.

·         Remove the roundabout on Oliver St - this will reduce traffic flow along Wyndora avenue.

·         Make the street one way – likewise you could make Soldiers Avenue the opposite way to at least spread the traffic out as Soldiers Avenue also has traffic issues.

·         Make Wyndora Avenue a dead end street.

·         Have a barrier at one end with right turn only or left turn only (like the western end of Alexander St, Manly where there is no left turns permitted onto Balgowlah Rd thus preventing through traffic from Pittwater Rd)

Wouldn't it be great to live in a quieter street where the children and everyone else could feel safe?

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