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Petitioning Metropolitan Transit Authority MTA

Councilwoman Rose: We are not the ATM for the MTA!

Staten Island is in need of a plan that treats our residents with equity to their fellow New Yorkers.

Due to Staten Island's unique circumstances, we urge the MTA to rescind this proposal that inherently burdens our residents at a drastically unfair rate compared to other New Yorkers.


Letter to
Metropolitan Transit Authority MTA
We, the signers of this petition, oppose ANY toll increases and fare hikes that the MTA is proposing.

For far too long, Staten Island has been the cash cow of the city’s transportation system for other transportation systems (Metro North and the LIRR). Staten Island continues to bear the brunt of ever increasing tolls and we are tired of being the ATM for the MTA!

With limited transportation options, we are forced to travel over the bridges to work, visit family or to simply get off the Island. Also, Staten Island based businesses suffer exorbitant tolls which in turn affects their sustainability.