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No fix - No fine!!! Councils - Fix our school zones now. Make them safe for our children

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Parents and carers of school kids are every so often slugged with hundreds of dollars in road rules infringement notices when dropping off kids. Councils around Australia rake in millions in fines from helpless parents, when in reality the councils must be taken to court for poor planning and execution of school zones.

Seriously, what were the councils thinking when they allowed for just four 2 minute parking spots for a school that has 600 - 1000 students?!!! And then keep issuing fines every 2 months when parents are have no option but to break the road rules. This is not only a reflection of poor planning on behalf of councils, but also a reflection of how LOW they will go grab an opportunity to issue fines. 

Picture this - if you are a regular parent or carer who has to drop off a 6 or so year old at primary school then head-off to the train station or office. You arrive at the school zone in the morning and find that traffic is jammed everywhere and all 2 min parking spots are taken by long term parkers and virtually every other parking spot is taken - what are you going to do??? Drive 500 meters, park your car and walk your child to school?? That would be the right thing to do according to the road rules, but it’s not all practical. Now you have two options - end up late to work and deal with an upset boss or risk a council infringement notice. The answer is obvious - not many have the luxury of time in the morning peak hour rush to office. 

So, why don’t the councils plan for appropriate drop off zones near schools? I wrote to my Wyndham council - with an example of another school with a practical drop off zone and all they said was "it needs a lot of money to fix and the state government has to fund it". I ask - what was the council doing when they approved the plans for the school and designed the roads and nearby parking spots? Sleeping? Why should we pay fines for your inefficiency? That too 6 times a year and 6 years in a row until my child finishes studying at that school. That's a lot of money we have to fork out for no mistake of ours. 

Urging councils to lift their game and not fine a driver when there is no practical alternative, but to break the law. You make us break the law, then come around and fine us. We would have appreciated if you used the money collected the past years to rectify the situation, but all you care is to issue infringement notices without end. Root cause for all road rules infringements near school zones is due to poor planning from councils, so councils must be fined for every infringement by a helpless driver - until such time a practical and usable solution is provided for drivers. 

If your "council" has failed you in its responsibility to provide a safe school pick-up and drop-off facility, then why should "you" the rate payer pay for insensible fines from the council. Not having safe facilities for young and vulnerable children near schools already hurts and then fines from your council add more to it. 

OK, you have received a fine like me in the mail. Now what are you going to do? Pay it and forget it. How many times? In a mood to defend it - too much effort for not your fault. Now, sign this petition and join forces to actually get the councils to take ownership of the situation, than continue on cowardly issuing fines to helpless drivers.

This has to change. Enough is enough. Every council in Australia can do better than this. Urging all councils in Australia to fix existing school zones and plan all future school zones to be fit for purpose.

No fix, then No fine!!!. Councils - Fix our school zones now. Make them safe for our children.

Please sign this petition and share it. 

My council: Wyndham Council Harrison Ward and My School: Truganina South Primary.

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