Get local councils to accept recyclable plant pots

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As a local garden centre company, we are aware that the residents in areas surrounding our businesses are keen to be able to recycle plant pots.

In response, all of our centres have started to stock a selection plants that come in grey recyclable pots and trays. However, the councils surrounding our centres do not accept plant pots in the recycling.

This is despite the fact that grey plant pots are 100% recyclable. It seems an awful shame that completely recyclable materials could end up in the landfill or contributing to the plastic waste crisis.

That's why we want your help to encourage all councils and the government to act. 

UK households spent a collective £7.5 billion on gardening products in 2017 (HTA). It's undoubtable that hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of plant pots are being disposed of every year.

Recycling all of that plastic instead of getting letting it pollute the environment would be a huge leap forward.

Grey plant pots are carbon pigment free, which is what makes them much easier to recycle than traditional black pots. For more information on the pots, visit: