Temporary Change in Zoning Bylaw to Allow Patios For All in the City of Hamilton

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The City of Hamilton, as well as the world, is experiencing unprecedented times. While most of Hamilton’s restaurant owners are allowed to put a patio on their premises, in a parking lot or on the street, even in some cases shut a whole street down such as the case of King William, there remains 7 restaurants that are denied a temporary patio due to zoning issues, especially on their own private property. The neighbors are saying they do not have an issue with these restaurants putting a temporary patio up to help them get through COVID-19 before they are forced into bankruptcy. Note that these are TEMPORARY measures only. The neighbors are in fact saying they are fully behind this as they believe it supports their communities. Let’s amend the bylaw temporarily or put in place to add to the current Outdoor Dining Districts a measure in place  to try and assist us all in keeping our doors open and contribute to the community under strict guidelines. This is a temporary measure to survive and keep their livelihoods and that of numerous staff they employ. Thank you for all your support.