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Councilmember Gil Cedillo: Save RARE Googie-Style Supermarket: Superior Market (aka Shoppers Market)

Los Angeles is one of the world cities known for Mid-Century Modern architecture. A subset style, called Googie, was pioneered/invented in Los Angeles. Googie (or Space Age design) was one of the most prominent commercial styles in the mid-20th Century. But today, this style is rapidly being lost by demolition or remodeling and is almost extinct.

Highland Park has the last one of its particular supermarket design in the entire City of Los Angeles, currently operated by Superior Markets. Historically called “Shoppers Market,” the 1960 supermarket was designed by prominent shopping center architect Ronald Cleveland. It has been a visible and beloved landmark in the Sycamore Grove area for 53 years. Yet, the current operators, Superior Markets, have announced plans to remodel the building into a Neo-Craftsman design that will cover-over the historic building and erase an irreplaceable architectural resource.

The building was unanimously approved by the Cultural Heritage Commission to become a LA Historic-Cultural Monument. The Highland Park Heritage Trust nominated it for said status with support from LA Conservancy, 2 neighborhood councils (Arroyo Seco and Historic Highland Park), Mt. Washington Homeowners Alliance and Montecito Heights Improvement Association. This designation will
not prevent Superior from making any upgrades to the interior of the building and will aid them in preserving a viable business in the City of Los Angeles. It must now be confirmed by the Los Angeles City Council, where the Councilmember for this location (Hon. Gilbert Cedillo) serves on the key Council Committee.

We therefore request that Councilmember Cedillo support this and be the leading advocate to protect LA’s unique architectural legacy. By signing this petition, I/we enthusiastically support designation of the Shoppers Market Building as a Historic-Cultural Monument for the City of LA!

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  • LA Council Member, District One
    Hon. Council Member Gil Cedillo
  • Chief of Staff, CD 1
    Arturo Chavez

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