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Reinstall "bicyclists may use full lane" signs to River Road

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Bicyclists use our roads for transportation and recreation. Bicyclists have a right to the road under Kentucky law the same as other vehicles, including safe passing margins on overtaking.

On River Road, there is generally not enough room for a car to overtake a bicycle in the same lane. It's just a fact of the roadway width. In some cases this leads to motorists being delayed by bicyclists. As another example, motorists are routinely delayed by other motorists turning left. Delays are an inevitable part of traffic.

However, out of spite, a few motorists take it upon themselves to harass bicyclists, and this harassment is especially prevalent on River Road. Furthermore, there's a group of motorists that is ignorant of cyclists' presence in the road.

The latter appears to be the reason for the recent tragic crash leaving Attorney Darryl Isaacs seriously injured.

"Bicyclists May Use Full Lane" signs are for exactly this problem. They were removed from River Road, and this removal contributed to the ignorance that left this man in the hospital.

Not only is there evidence that these signs promote safer, center-of-the-lane bicycling, but they also send a message to the vigilantes who seek to intimidate bicyclists off the road with buzz passes, nudge passes, and thrown debris: bicyclists belong here.

We, the undersigned, call on Councilman Kelly Downard and Director Vanessa Burns to reinstall the signs before more people are hurt.

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