The Arturo Jimenez Walking Trails at Father Mcnaboe Park

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Mr. Arturo Jimenez was a well-respected educator for 22 years at George Washington Middle School where he was awarded multiple Golden Apple Awards. He was also considered to be “the best summer camp instructor” at Lamar Bruni Vergara Environmental Science Center where he taught campers the value of our environment and the wildlife we share it with for 12 years. He had a passion for nature and a passion to teach, and always seemed to put others before himself.

Mr. Jimenez is remembered as a gentle and kind soul whose mission in life was to educate, help and inspire others, a curious man who never ceased the opportunity to appreciate the little things in life that many of us take for granted and a steward of nature. He enjoyed reading, traveling the world, watching live music, attending sporting events, gardening, and astronomy, but his true passion was in the outdoors. He was an avid hiker, kayaker, bird watcher and overall explorer of nature and enjoyed sharing the experiences with others.

This and many more reasons is why his former George Washington Middle School students would like to see the walking trails at Father McNaboe Park named after him. A true nature lover and passionate about passing his wisdom on to others. This is how we would show our immense love and appreciation towards someone who gave so much to our community. This is how we would honor our amazing teacher.