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Improved Water Safety in New York City

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New York City is known for its excellent water quality resulting from the many processes the water goes through in order to be cleaned of bacteria and contaminants. After water is routinely tested at New York City's major reservoirs, it travels through pipes where aging water infrastructure and corrosion have a high chance of contaminating the water. This is the next big problem in public health for New York City.

Improving the quality of the water supply improves the health of New York City's residents, including you. By implementing a system in which water can be tested from individual residences, it ensures that the water that you and several million others consume is as safe as possible to drink. Water test kits for lead are already available in New York City, however we plan to expand the range of tested contaminants as well as spread awareness of the availability of the kits. It is important that the citizens of New York understand the assets at their disposal and have as many accessible as possible.

We have already begun to work on this goal by contacting councilman Donovan J. Richards and developing a website at We believe that the only way to improve New York City's potable water is by empowering citizens to test their own water, and by signing this petition, you can help to make that a reality. Become a part of the process to enact the change you want to see in your own city and be part of the solution to the constantly growing problem of fixing aging water infrastructure within New York City.

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