Why NO seats in Shopping Malls in WA's Pilbara? In SA Malls are HEATWAVE Refuges.

Why NO seats in Shopping Malls in WA's Pilbara? In SA Malls are HEATWAVE Refuges.

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Started by Bev Prior

After moving to the Pilbara from South Australia a few weeks ago - the first thing that struck me was the lack of seating in the shopping Malls in South Hedland, Port Hedland, and when I visited Karratha.

What about the elderly and those with disabilities who NEED to rest when walking down long corridors?

There has been no Covid-19 in WA's Pilbara - so Covid cannot be the reason?

After observing the extreme wealth disparity in Pilbara communities, one can only wonder if this is to discourage 'loitering' in Shopping Centres by the homeless and disadvantaged?

To keep them OUT of PUBLIC view?

If this IS the reason - then what is Council and businesses like Wesfarmers, Mining and Mall Owners in the Pilbara doing to HELP?

On Monday it was 44 degrees C in South Hedland.  In the next few days it is expected to be up to, or even OVER 45 degrees C in Port Hedland which means it will be even HOTTER in South Hedland - so what is in place for the Homeless (they DO exist in the Pilbara with rents unaffordable for those not connected with the mining industry) and the disadvantaged who may have broken air conditioners or can't afford to RUN their air conditioners?

What happens to THEM?

In South Australia during heatwaves (and yes Adelaide gets 40 degrees plus temperatures in Summer - especially in the northern suburbs)  Health Services and Shopping Centres are expected to be heat refuges for the disadvantaged.

What happens in the hottest area of Australia - the Pilbara?

If Shopping Centres don't WANT to be heat refuges - are there Community Drop-in Centres in Pilbara towns to protect the homeless and disadvantaged during the Pilbara's brutal heatwaves?

If NOT - WHY not?

The Australian people and economy during Covid-19 pandemic lock-downs relied on the Pilbara to keep the economy afloat - the Pilbara pumped BILLIONS of dollars into Australia's economy helping to fund hospitals and lock-down payments in the eastern states - but MANY in the Pilbara do not receive the huge incomes earned by those connected to the Mining Industry.

What does Industry and Business DO for the Pilbara's disadvantaged people? 

They have a RIGHT to live here with DIGNITY!

Your humanity & RIGHT to safety & protection from dying or suffering from heat exhaustion (or cold in the other extreme) should NEVER  be based on how much MONEY you have..

NOT in a HUMANE society!

Addendum: But at least there IS a $121.5M Marina being built in Port Hedland with a FOUR LANE boat ramp - for those who can afford a million-dollar plus house, $1400+ a week in rent in Port Hedland or $800-$900 week rent in South Hedland..                                         Oh and MOST importantly - a BOAT...

100 have signed. Let’s get to 200!