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Reduce building height of Kristy's Restaurant and bring back active frontage.

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The Kristy's restaurant development application has been further revised and includes changes that will have a negative impact on our community, dramatically changing the streetscape of Richmond Road* from a comfortable, sleepy and safe pedestrian friendly community to a busy Main Street, commercially-oriented wall of glass all the way up to Lincoln Fields. 

By signing this petition, you are demonstrating that you support our request of Councillors Mark Taylor and Jeff Leiper to REFUSE this application revision, WORK with the developers to incorporate our documented feedback and INSIST the City's Planning, Infrastructure and Economic Development Dept reduce the height maximums currently proposed.


Specifically Councillors Taylor and Councillor Leiper, we want you to help:

  1. Revert the height BACK to 19 storeys - a height we were prepare to tolerate
  2. Revert the setback of the 24-storey tower from being on top of Richmond Road (zero setback) and treat it as an ACTIVE FRONTAGE, without compromising the adjustments that have already been made to reduce shadowing on surrounding properties.
  3. Reduce the maximum building heights & maximum building densities proposed by the City's Urban Design Unit for the Cleary Station area back to the original height maximum of 16 storeys at this specific location (see attached image for others).


These changes directly dismiss the feedback that has been solicited from the Community Associations and residents over the past 1.5 years during this ongoing Stakeholder and Public Consultation process. The owner of this property has been present at these consultations so is aware of this input.
The Carlingwood Community Association was prepared to tolerate a development of 19 storeys, recognizing the height already established by the Continental near Cleary and the City's directive for intensification around LRT.

The Carlingwood Community Association also recognizes the existing Main Street designation of Richmond Road, however gave implicit feedback that designs with zero frontage were not to be approved in the community design plan. Active frontages were preferred. The City developers heard this, and in their presentation of what development should "not look like", an image of the glass towers abutting 111 Richmond Rd outside the Ashcroft Convent development, and outside the Continental condos at Cleary were used as a reference.

Our community is concerned that this new height and design developments will become the new norm for this stretch of Richmond.
Furthermore we are concerned about the fact the City released new zoning recommendations (increased height minimums) coincidentally at the same time this developer came put with their latest application.


We urge our Councillors Mark Taylor (Bay Ward) and Jeff Leiper (Kitchissippi Ward) to prove to our communities that our input and feedback on this issue has not been a waste of time.

We urge our Councillors to visualize the long term picture of our neighbourhood, to stand with us and fight to maintain our peaceful, safe streetscape and work with the developer to make these two changes without compromising the shadowing accommodations already made.

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