Better Internet for RM of Stanley

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Are you tired of slow internet? Do you live in the RM of Stanley?

Two years ago, I had MTS. The best they could offer me was 3MB/s download speed, however, they would charge me for the 7MB/s package. This didn't seem fair to me, so we switched to VISP, they offered 7MB/s but now I was limited with data usage, and the cost was higher. Does this sound familiar? What do we do?

We have an opportunity, in January of 2018 the Federal Government of Canada allocated $10 million dollars to Valley Fiber ( to expand their Fiber internet lines to villages in the surrounding areas. Now this only covers 75% of getting the Fiber network there, this is a steal!

However, the Councillors in our Municipality have a big decision to make, and they need us to give them insight as to what we want!

We need to do something about this, so join me in this Petition!

Jordan Froese

We need to sign up with Valley Fiber to expand their internet to our Municipality.