Save Santa Rosa Park

Save Santa Rosa Park

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Chiara Liucci started this petition to Councillors of Ryde Central Ward and


Are you aware of councils plan for Santa Rosa Park? If not, here is a brief:

Councils plans are to consolidate the two existing halls at either end of the park and moving it to a 'central location' within the park which will create a bottleneck and destroy the natural aesthetic, ecosystem and wildlife of the park. Planners are suggesting this hall will be built only meters form the existing residents fence lines and roughly a meter from the bike track. Refer to the 'Shrimptons Creek Corridor plans'. 

The proposed building is the size of circa two combined houses will have changerooms, public bathrooms, water tanks, bike racks, an area to be used for functions (parties, elections, community group gatherings, storage), a cafeteria, public bathrooms and showers etc. 

Whilst amenities are great, there is an existing large hall on the Quarry Road end of the park which already has utilities, a new public bathroom, a well lit carpark which is adjacent to the hall making the access convenient and safe. We are pushing for this  existing hall to be refurbished and even extended if necessary, rather than demolishing it and constructing an entire new building in an inappropriate location, funded by our tax payers money. Constructing an entire new building with our tax payers money is simply a waste of recourses and funds which could be put towards larger issues.

How this will impact you:

  • Blocking and harming the openness, greenery, serenity and biodiversity within Santa Rosa Park which is a huge asset and characteristic of Ryde
  • Decline in the value of your property due to the impacted outlook and disturbance within the park if you live adjacent to the park
  • Safety concern as the amenities will attract undesirable visitors who will conduct illicit activates which is already occurring in the park.
  • Significant increase in noise both during the day and night with the walkthrough traffic
  • Closing a large part of the access from the bridge road of the end of the park 
  • Increased in use of the park throughout the night encouraging people to linger and vandalize the area
  • An extreme eyesore to anyone who resides and uses the park having a large piece of infrastructure and grey-space
  • Increased pollution and litter to the park and creek harming our environment


The councilors will be deciding if these plans go ahead and we need to make sure they hear our voices.

Sign this petition which will be submitted to the Ryde councilors, emailing the central ward councilors directly to express any concerns.

If you choose to sign this petition, please encourage each person within the household to fill it out.

The below link contains each of the Ryde councilors details: - Major - Deputy Mayor - Central Ward - Central Ward - Central Ward - Central Ward

590 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!