Stop the capital works planned for the Tallowwood Cemetery Deception Bay

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Stop the work planned for the Tallowwood Cemetery (lawn section) Tallowwood Drive Deception Bay. The work planned (to start in 4-6 weeks) will have a major impact on peoples lives. It should have been done prior to the cemetery being opened. To undertake this task now is not only too late but also unnecessary and a waste of rate payers dollars. As I and a few others understand, as there is very little information coming from the council, the council plans to remove all the headstones, plaques and items including all solar lights from the lawn area, dig up sections of the graves and place concrete beams down, and then replace all the plaques and headstones. Let's hope all in the correct order. I understand that council will not replace any other items and in particular, solar lights. Due to a large amount of the headstones being quite substantial the council has contracted a private company to remove and place these headstones in storage till the work is completed. This will no doubt mean that the graves of our loved ones will be unmarked for a long period of time but also go against the cultural beliefs of some people. Due to the nature of what is proposed the cemetery will have temporary fencing placed around it so that I and everyone else will not be able to visit the grave site.of our loved ones. The machinery and men working on this will also damage the graves which will possibly have to be top dressed creating a dust bowl/mud patch for quite some time till the grass reestablishes itself. If the beams are laid, as per the newer section which was done before it was opened, they will not be stepped, but follow the fall of the land. So instead of my wife headstone being level it will be on some obscure angle. This will affect many other grave sites in the cemetery as well. I am sure that little or no consideration has been given to the affect that this will have on husbands and wives visiting their lost spouse, parents visiting lost children, children visiting lost parents, close friend, etc People will be trying to visit their loved one only to find they can't because it's fenced off. Myself, personally, have struggled with the loss of my wife of 40 years. She passed away 17 months ago but I  visit my wife every second day to tend her grave, mow the grass, replace flowers and generally tidy up. I dug up the lawn from home and turfed Her grave, this will now be destroyed by the work about to be carried out. From the one and only conversation that I had with the relevant council Dept. I was told there where some issues at the cemetery. Not to sure what they are but surely these can be addressed individually without the need to affect so many other lives. So, stop the planned works, at least till there is proper consultation and people objections or support is heard

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