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 Suffolk House Trees

 Ancient and magnificent Copper Beech, Limes, Holm Oak and Sycamore trees fronting Suffolk House, Romilly Road Canton Cardiff are the subject of planning permission submitted to Cardiff City Council to demolish these trees due to root spread which has damaged part of the retaining wall. 

 We ask Councillor Ramesh Patel to submit our petition to the next Full Council meeting to save these ancient trees. 

These magnificent trees help with filtering out pollution of traffic fumes on this very busy main road, they provide banks which absorb carbon dioxide and give out pure oxygen.  These trees are critical green assets as well as important havens for wildlife.  Any replacement saplings would take years to offer the same benefits as these current mature trees.

 Cardiff is known to have one of the highest pollution rates. This rich bank of trees provides essential pollution filters, they grow opposite an Old People’s Home, an Adult  Learning Hub, a Church and a Children’s Nursery – yet more vital reasons why we should preserve these trees for the health and well being of all ages but especially should be preserved for future generations.  

 The final decision on the fate of these trees will rest with the Cardiff Council’s Tree Surgeon.  If the tree surgeon decides that the trees should be taken down because of root spread and damage to the wall, then we should ask for a second opinion and for a meeting with the planning department of Cardiff City Council and all conerned to consider several other means and measures to preserve and maintain these trees for us now and for future generations and ask Councillor Patel to keep us informed at all stages concerning these trees.  Joy