Stop the Overdevelopment of East Toowoomba and Retain its Neighbourhood Character

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East Toowoomba is characterised by beauty, and single storey, single detached dwellings on individual allotments that do not exceed 50% site cover and generally provide generous setbacks to the street frontage and property boundaries.

Toowoomba Regional Council has approved a number of inappropriate duplex developments that negatively impact upon the amenity of neighbouring residents, lack aesthetic design, destroy the rhythm of the streetscape, do not compliment the built form or open spaces, and cause irreversible damage to the significance, distinctive character and essence that draws people to East Toowoomba. Such developments have been described by a large number of residents in East Toowoomba as ‘a gross-overdevelopment’, ‘an eyesore’, ‘totally out of character with the surrounding buildings and environment’, and the list goes on. Prime examples are the developments at 10 Trevethan St, 92A Mary Street, units on Arthur Street and Cavell Street, the 'block tower' extensions on Arthur Street and Campbell Street, and the proposed development on the battle-axe block at 48A Dunmore Street. Such duplex developments have caused people to consider moving from East Toowoomba due to the negative impact on 'liveability', a decline in property value, the feeling that they cannot comfortably retire in the area and cannot raise a family with any sense of enjoyment.

In particular:

o  residents are largely of the opinion that recently approved developments do not meet the performance requirements of the Toowoomba Regional Planning Scheme Neighbourhood Character Overlay Code

o  developments are built in close proximity to existing dwellings on surrounding boundaries (i.e. at a distance less than 1.5m)

o  the bulk and scale of developments far exceed that of the surrounding properties

o  developments have been approved that exceed 50% site coverage

o  the height of duplex developments is not in keeping with the single storey nature of the majority of East Toowoomba

o  small private open spaces impose upon the privacy of neighbouring residents

o   developments negatively impact upon the value of surrounding ‘character’ homes.

In short, East Toowoomba residents do not want Toowoomba Regional Council to continue with the 'anything goes' attitude towards development, approve duplex developments in the suburb or approve the sub-division of lots within East Toowoomba.