Save The Office

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SAVE 'THE OFFICE' - A fantastic area to enjoy a sunset drink with friends and family.

Cr Pat Daley is attempting to shut down 'The Office' 

He is putting in a motion at the next council meeting to make East Esplanade a 24-hour alcohol-free zone.

Moves are being made to officially ban alcohol at a favourite outdoor drinking spot

Pat, don’t be the hero that ruins Manly for the rest of us. Leave the office as it is, and when appropriate, return the alcohol-permitted hours to normal. It goes without saying the outcry to follow will come at you thick and fast if you don’t.

The necessity to enforce a 24/7 alcohol prohibited area during the peak of COVID-19 restrictions was an understandable one, but let’s not use this as a justifiable excuse to enforce the ban permanently. Life might not be what it once was for a little while longer – that I realise – but to do so in perpetuity would be leading us all down a very slippery slope.