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Create a Naked Beach section at Toronto's Hanlan's Point Beach.

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To create a Naked Beach section at Toronto's Hanlan's Point Beach.

This action is in response to the problem that all news media in Toronto have addressed during the summer of 2016. We have a solution to the Hanlan's Point gawker controversy regarding clothed people demanding to sit near naked people.

The beach was created as an optional beach. It has a defined clothing section for those who would like to stay clothed and that should be respected, but it seems some people would like a mixed section to exist for their comfort.

To create a comfort zone for nudists who don't want these gawkers near them, the solution is simple and the cost is virtually nothing, except for posting two signs stating "Naked Zone". I'm referring to the north end of the beach. This section is close to two washrooms, showers and phones; it already has garbage pick up and is rarely used, and is police patrolled.

Creating this designated space would put Toronto on an International scale where currently, the clothing optional beach does not meet nudist standards; creating friction with beach users.

The games at the beach would be provided by donations and maintained by volunteers as it is currently at the clothing optional side.

The clothed zone would be where it is in the middle, separating the optional and naked sides. The life guards would stay where they are.

We see this as a great solution and boosting international tourism which would show Toronto's world class leadership at virtually no cost.


p.s. By adding a "naked" section to the North End of Hanlan's Point beach (which is unused), leaving the clothing side alone, and leaving the clothing optional side as it is. Everybody will be happy.

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